Corporate Support - get involved

Corporate social responsibility programs have huge benefits for both RISE and the businesses we partner with.

A Vision Critical survey showed that 57% of surveyed workers wanted firms to improve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies, especially amongst younger staff.

Some 49% believed so strongly in CSR policies, that they said they were ‘more likely to stay with an employer that encouraged its workforce to donate time or money to charities.’

RISE has several corporate opportunities for businesses looking to establish working relationships with the charity.

Depending on your preferred level of commitment, we can offer you a bespoke corporate package to include any or all of the following:

  • an increase in your organisation’s profile
  • marketing opportunities
  • a profile on the rise website
  • free marketing materials to distribute to your clients
  • domestic violence awareness training for staff and managers
  • assistance with drafting a workplace domestic violence policy
  • the opportunity to sponsor Rise events.


Get in contact with us and we can discuss an approach that suits your organisation.