How will it benefit my business?

It will help you meet your CSR requirements and it will help women and families in need. But it also makes good business sense.

Forming a working relationship with RISE can have numerous benefits for your business and employees. Most obviously it will help you to fulfill your commitment to corporate social responsibility.

  • It can improve staff morale.

Demonstrating that you are committed to your CSR responsibility can significantly boost staff morale, and even influence their decision about which company to work for. Beyond that, supporting RISE demonstrates a real dedication to employee safety and safety in the community.

  • It can help you reach a wider audience.

As one of our corporate supporters you can benefit from having a highlighted presence on our website, marketing materials, mailing list and at any number of our annual events.

This can help to publicise your business to a wider audience: an audience that will appreciate your efforts to support those who have experienced domestic abuse.

  • It can help you to make a difference to the lives of your staff.

In return for your investment in our work, we will help you to invest in your staff.

We can offer you advice, training, workplace materials and assistance with drafting a workplace domestic abuse policy.

All of this demonstrates to your staff that you have a real commitment to their health and wellbeing.