Domestic Violence Caseworkers

Domestic Violence Caseworkers are specially trained to work with people who have experienced domestic abuse.

Living with or leaving an abusive situation is complex, sometimes dangerous and never easy. If we assess that there are serious concerns for your safety a result of the domestic abuse you have experienced you will be offered support from a Domestic Violence Caseworker. This is a short-term intervention where the Caseworker’s priority is to work with you to increase your safety. They will do this by completing a tailored safety plan with you and supporting you to reduce the risks posed to you and any family members. A caseworker can support you to explore and understand the range of options available to you so that you can make informed decisions to keep yourself safe.

If you need more detailed/specialist advice or longer term support (e.g. housing, children, finances, criminal/civil proceedings, counselling) your caseworker will refer or signpost you to the right place to get this support, this could with within RISE or other services in the area. To explore what safety planning support is available to call us on 0300 323 9985 or visit The Portal.

Health Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (HIDVA)

RISE's Health IDVA works with the A&E, Maternity and Sexual Health (Claude Nichol) Departments of the Royal Sussex County Hospital. If you attend any of these departments, you can request a referral to her. She is there for initial advice and support and also trains the staff at the hospital to recognise signs of abuse and to act safely and appropriately.

Criminal Justice Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (CJIDVA)

RISE's CJ IDVA works in John Street Police station in Brighton. She is there for advice and support about the Criminal Justice process (court system).  If your case is going through court you can ask your Witness Care Officer to make a referral to her.