RISE wins a GSK IMPACT Award

RISE has been named as one of the winners of the GSK IMPACT awards for UK charities.

RISE has been named as one of this year’s winners of a GSK IMPACT* Award. From over 400 charities nationwide who applied to be part of GSK’s flagship UK community investment programme, RISE stood out for the impact of its work with women, children, young people and families suffering from domestic violence in the local area.

The awards are open to charities with an annual income of between £25,000 and £2million that are at least three years old. The name ‘IMPACT’ derives from the criteria that winners must have demonstrated in their application submissions: Innovation, Management, Partnership, Achievement, Community Focus and Targeting Need.

£30,000 Funding

The GSK IMPACT Awards, run in partnership with The King’s Fund and now in their seventeenth year, are seen as a mark of achievement in the healthcare charity sector. In addition to the £30,000 RISE will receive in unrestricted funding, we will be able to access training, development, and networking opportunities through a dedicated programme organised by The King’s Fund.

RISE will be recognised, along with other award winners, at a ceremony to be held at the Science Museum in London on Thursday 15th May. An overall winner, who will receive a further £10,000 in funding, will also be announced at the ceremony.

Recognition for RISE

Gail Gray, RISE Chief Executive, said:

‘We are delighted that RISE has been honoured in this way. It’s vital to the safety, health and well-being of survivors that we work in partnership, sharing and building expertise. Recognising RISE’s work in this way is a seal of quality and approval and will help us to sustain and develop our services. Our work with health professionals will hopefully now, through implementation of the recent NICE guidance on domestic violence training, be embedded across the health sector.’

Katie Pinnock, Head of UK Community Investment at GSK said:

‘RISE is an impressive charity, providing vital support for victims of domestic abuse. Its work with the ambulance service is particularly innovative helps ensure vulnerable women and familes are getting the support they desperately need. This award is well deserved.'