Therapeutic and Counselling Services

Our clinical services comprise Adult Psychological Therapies Services, an Acute Trauma Therapy Service and Child and Adolescent Therapy Services

Have you or your children experienced domestic violence or abuse?
Are you a young person affected by domestic violence or abuse in your family or relationship?
Would you or your children like to work through your experiences in a safe and confidential space?

RISE Therapeutic Services offer freedom from domestic abuse. Freedom from trauma, unhelpful thoughts, anger, self-blame, anxiety and depression.

We can offer you the opportunity for freedom from the psychological stress of domestic abuse and violence. 

Our Clinical and Counselling Services

RISE Therapeutic and Trauma Services comprise clinical and counselling services within an Adult Psychological Therapies Service (APTS), an Acute Trauma Therapies Service (ATTS) and a Child and Adolescent Therapy Service (CATS). We work confidentially and professionally with individuals who have had experiences of domestic or intimate partner violence, emotional and sexual abuse and coercive control. RISE offers both self-referral and professional referral routes into the clinical service and we are embedded into local services pathways for assessment, psychological intervention and post-therapeutic referrals and support services.

Our Commitment to Professional and Ethical Services

Our Therapeutic and Trauma Services team specialise in delivery of trauma therapies in the context of domestic violence and abuse. We also offer psychotherapy and counselling for a range of issues connected to past experiences of domestic violence or abuse. RISE’s clinical services are an organisational member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and we work within their ethical frameworks and code of conduct. Our practitioners are specifically trauma-focused in our clinical approaches and we have a capacity for working with clients who have been, or are at high risk of very serious interpersonal violence. We often work with client presentations meeting the criteria of PTSD, Complex PTSD, Acute Stress Disorders and Dissociative or Anxiety Disorders and we will make appropriate post-therapeutic referrals or requests for further external support as required by our clients.

Our Practitioners and Therapists

Our clinical staff, therapists and volunteer counsellors are from a range of psychotherapeutic backgrounds and they receive specialist training in domestic violence and abuse in an attachment-based framework. The team comprises UKCP and BACP registered and accredited psychotherapists, trauma therapists, play therapists and counselling professionals. We work within the main evidence-based modalities for therapy (Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioural, and Humanistic).

Referral to our clinical and counselling services

We accept self-referral into the service via our helpline telephone number and professional referrals via our RISE external referral form. We accept further self-referral from parents who would like to access services for their children and young people who are aged 13+ can make contact with the Child and Adolescent Therapy Service for an assessment via the helpline. Basic details will be taken at this stage and the therapeutic services team will make contact to arrange an assessment of needs and requirements. There will be a short waiting time for assessment and allocation of a therapist.

Assessment for Therapy

Assessments for therapy take approximately one hour with an experienced psychotherapist to assess psychotherapeutic needs and suitability for therapy. They will ask some questions, discuss the terms and conditions for confidentiality and fees and if an individual is suitable for therapy and the individual feels that this is the right time for them to begin therapy following assessment, they will be allocated an appropriate therapist.

Attending Therapy

Individual therapy is usually for 12 weeks and this normally takes place once a week for a duration of fifty minutes. Clients are expected to commit to the 12 weekly sessions.

Types of Therapy

Our practitioners deliver a range of therapeutic approaches including psychodynamic, humanistic, person-centred, existential and Gestalt therapies. We have experienced play or art therapists for children. The type of therapy offered will be in accordance with the clinical assessment of needs in line with best practice recommendations or National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines.

Fees and Payment

Our clinical and counselling services are very low cost, below the costs of therapy in local low cost clinics. We operate a sliding scale for fees and we do not prevent any individual accessing therapy if they cannot make a nominal contribution to the cost of their therapy. Young people aged 13-16 who refer themselves into the Child and Adolescent Therapy Service are not expected to pay fees for their therapy. Parents of children aged 5-12 will be asked for a small nominal contribution towards the cost of the therapeutic intervention.

Ensuring Access to Clinical Services

Our office and therapy rooms are on the third floor, and there is a lift for disabled access. The clinical services also have some bilingual therapists and staff. We have therapists experienced in work with children, young people and adults with special educational needs or learning disabilities and practitioners who are experienced in working therapeutically with LGBTQIA and BME communities.

Areas of therapeutic focus

Our practitioners and therapists work with a broad range of issues and psychological needs or clinical disorders which can be connected to experiences of domestic violence and abuse. Some of our specific areas of therapeutic focus are on:

• Experiences of violence
• Experiences of emotional abuse
• Experiences of sexual abuse and rape
• Experiences of intimate terrorism
• Experiences of coercive control
• Experiences of stalking and cyber-stalking
• Trauma
• Complex Trauma
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)
• Depression or Low Mood
• Panic
• Anxiety
• Stress
• Unhelpful thoughts, memories or ‘flashbacks’
• Lowered self esteem
• Self-blame
• Self-harm
• Building resilience and strength
• Psycho-education for understanding and personal safety

Work with Children and Young People

Our therapists work with children and young people who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence and/or abuse. We also work with young women who are experiencing intimate partner violence or abuse and coercive control in their relationships. Access to the service is via the helpline or referral form for professionals.

Additional Therapies and Groups

RISE also offer various therapeutic and psychoeducational group programmes for those who have experienced domestic violence and abuse and we run family programmes for groups and individual families. These can be accessed via the RISE helpline for self-referral, or via the referral form for professional referrals.

Counselling Availability

There is a waiting list for individual RISE Counselling Services. The waiting list is currently open.