Expert by Experience Volunteers

We are seeking volunteers to offer feedback, consultation, advice as well as service user and survivor perspective on various aspects of RISE service activity

Department: RISE
Place of Volunteering: Preston Park, Brighton Marina and North 
Hours of Volunteering: By arrangement.
Reporting to: By arrangement.


To offer feedback, consultation, advice as well as service user and survivor perspective on various aspects of RISE service activity such as:

Recruitment processes; Policy and procedure; Team working; Service delivery; Publication and content material; RISE Meetings, conferences and events including the RISE Living Library.

To ensure service user perspective is consistently included, RISE is open to work with a large pool of ex/service users. Expert by Experience volunteers can take part either as a one off or on an ongoing basis.


• To advise and consult on RISE service delivery and development where relevant
• To offer feedback on RISE events, conferences, meetings and activities
• To offer constructive feedback and service user perspective on existing RISE policy and procedure as well as systems of working
• To offer feedback and service user/survivor perspective to RISE teams and supporters as well as general public through presentations, talks and participation
• To offer service user/survivor perspective to RISE via written articles to be used for the RISE newsletter, RISE publications and reports
• To attend RISE briefings where required before speaking at a RISE event, talk, conference or to RISE teams
• To follow guidelines in preparation to offering the feedback and service user perspective constructively and respectfully
• To offer written feedback or service user/ survivor perspective on the RISE newsletter, website or other resources where relevant


• The willingness to offer personal insight, skills and expertise to RISE, its services and staff
• The ability to work well with others in the context of a team
• The ability to take initiative where needed and relevant
• The ability to consume and process information in written or verbal form
• The willingness to work alongside RISE existing policies and procedures in a respectful, constructive way
• The willingness to attend induction and training when required in order to meet the role tasks sufficiently
• Ability to understand and work with confidential data
• Ability to be flexible and work according to the needs of the team
• At all times you will be expected to protect the safety and security of services, service users, staff, volunteers and buildings, and the confidentiality of records and other information
• Acknowledge and actively support the rights of women, children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse.


• Comprehensive induction and training to perform your role effectively
• We will reimburse reasonable travel expenses
• Where a volunteer works more than 5 hours in any one day a lunch allowance of up to £3,50 will be reimbursed.

To apply for this role, you will need to request a RISE Volunteer Application form, using the contact form below.