RISE Champions

There are many ways to become a RISE champion. Find out more here.

If I can help one person and that person can help another person then it becomes a change.” Dr Kakenya Ntaiya

What is a RISE Champion?

RISE Champions are the bridges from RISE into the community. Self-motivated, enthusiastic, passionate individuals that want to make a difference and answer the question ‘what can I do to help?’
Our champions hold the key to RISE reaching further than we have before. They support us and help amplify our voice and impact in their community.

We are a community passionate about ending domestic abuse and hope you will join us.

Ways of being a RISE Champion

Fund-raising Champion
We always need funds and every little helps. So you are really making a difference if you can help raise money for RISE
Donating Champion
Regular Donations are fantastic and make a real difference. Our regular donors are all real champions!
Gift Champion
Give your support in the form of practical gifts for service users. They are appreciated so much.
Time Champion
Your time is precious and we value it highly. So giving your time makes you a hero in our eyes.
Audience Champion
Not everyone knows what we do, so help us spread the word by providing us with a new audience. Then we can help even more people.