Domestic abuse community ambassadors trained

The first six women have received domestic abuse awareness training from RISE as part of the new Ask Me scheme.

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Ask Me is a pilot being run in partnership with Women’s Aid and GCL, being trialled in Brighton & Hove, London and Wales.

The first Brighton training took place in on 23rd & 24th March, and the six newly trained Ask Me ambassadors will play an important role in the fight against domestic abuse in Brighton & Hove. The two-day course included how to start conversations to break the silence that can surround domestic abuse, and to challenge some of the myths, stereotypes and victim blaming.

The vast majority of the ambassadors’ role will be to share their learning, about the Ask Me scheme and about domestic abuse in general, in any way they wish – be it one-to-one conversations, blogging or on social media.

In the case that this leads to the disclosure of abuse, whether historical, about someone else or a survivor in need of immediate help, the Ask Me training will help ambassadors respond confidently, respectfully and appropriately.

One participant said “I gained information on where I can signpost survivors to and developed my skills on how to respond to disclosures and bust myths.”

The training is running twice more in Brighton & Hove, in May and in June. More information can be found here.