Beside the Birdbath

On Saturday 22rd July 2017 this Brighton-based annual mini-festival took place, featuring a plethora of unsigned musical talent from around the UK.

The event was non-ticketed, with a suggested donation of £5. Over £180 was raised in total, which was split between RISE and Gig Buddies - who support people with learning disabilities to see live music through volunteering. 

Due to the inclement weather there had to be a last minute venue change from outside to in, so London Road's Yellow Book bar and the Cowley Club played host to the fabulous lineup which was as follows:

We'd like to thank each and every artist for playing free of charge to raise money for two such important causes.

Hagar the Womb
Phenomenal female-fronted anarcho punks who reconvened in 2013 with their original 1982 lineup.

The Metatrons
Jangling indie pop that will be perfectly suited to a day of sunning on the lawn.

Anja McCloskey
Wonderful mix of pop and chanson from half-German, half-American Anja. Here's a very fitting quote: "Anja’s ethereal vocals merge with the rich and full-bodied sound of the accordion to give an eerie, mournful impression that will stay with you long after you’ve taken the headphones off."

Anarcho punk from Brighton that fuses elements of The Astronauts, Gang of 4 and The Apostles. Bloody marvellous they are too.

Downbeat tales backed by upbeat soundtracks, they'll be playing almost as a full band and no doubt assailing you with most of their new album.

The Commie Faggots
Sharp satirical surrealism from North London, the Commies are a wonderful mix of Half Man Half Biscuit, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and of course our very own Lovely Brothers.

Lewis McKale
Blistering folk punk from our old friend, now living in London.

Tim Holehouse
Mutant blues and acoustic metal from this shaggy-haired and rather splendid veteran of the genre.

Kelly Kemp
A heart wrenching and powerful mix of country and folk, all distilled through the filter of DIY punk ethos.