Drum Out Abuse march

Date: 9th December 2017
Time: 1:30pm meet for 2pm start
Venue: From The Level to RISEFest at the North Laine Brewhouse


Saying No to Domestic Abuse

In December 2017 RISE held a community march through the streets of Brighton to Drum Out Abuse.

Based on the 18th Century practice of Rough Music where villagers would surround the house of a known abuser and bang pots and pans to shame them into change, marchers made it clear that domestic abuse will not be tolerated in our communities. 

The march marked 10 years since RISE held a similar march in Tarner ward - as domestic abuse is still prevalent in Brighton & Hove we felt it was time to reprise the march and really make some noise.

Many came, with their pots and pans, their drums, whistles and any noisemakers. They brought banners and bangers, and marched with us from the Level to RISEFest at North Laine Brewhouse on Gloucester Road.   

We raised the roof and made it clear that domestic abuse is not tolerated here!